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21 Nov 20, 24 tweets, 6 min read
I would like to tell you a story. The title of the story is, "How To Steal an Election in Maryland".
The villain in this story decided that he was the most important person in the world, and although he was responsible for an entire state, he abused his position,
re-wrote laws, changed policies, by exploiting people's fears over covid-19. All so that he could manipulate an election and gain the support he needed to run for president. I will call this villain Harry Logan πŸ€”
Harry Logan ,being a Republican, thinks that the public will be tired of President Trump after another 4 years. Harry Logan is hoping that President Trump lost the 2020 election, he has worked against him for the last 4 years and is publicly doing so now. So this is Harry Logan's
time to shine.
Harry Logan had made deals with long time and important Democrats in the state of Maryland. People who guaranteed him Democratic support in his run in 2024. And he watched his support dwindle when the person who had promised this support passed away.
So, Harry Logan made a deal with all the incumbent congressman in Maryland. I will change the law and guarantee you will be reelected in exchange for your support.
And every incumbent running in Maryland ,five of the seven, districts won because of mail in voting.
And without naming names let's just say two of these involved Congressional type people have confirmed this independently of each other πŸ€”πŸ€” bragged about it even.
Here's what he changed, using covid as an excuse. Image
This affected not only congressional seats but the presidential election as well.
For the most part Maryland turned red except between Baltimore and DC where the majority of the fraud took place. ImageImage
Do you see the fix? A tenfold jump in mail in ballots for Democrats. Maryland went old school like they have every election for decades. Phony ballots, counting the same ballot multiple times, switching ballots from Trump to Biden.
Curing. Paying homeless people
2 dollars for stolen ballots, the currency of choice on the street for a brief time . USPS workers bringing by whole cases of ballots.
Maryland didn't use the high-tech algorithms and percentages like the rest of the country, not too much of an extent. Maryland already had their fraud monster in place and they cranked it up again. It was so bad they were sitting down with phone books picking names out and
Saying they voted for the Democrats. They counted untold amounts of votes that said "Sample" in big letters across them. These are obviously been printed out online. There were stacks of ballots with only Democrat names on them and the signature was just an "ink line" drawn
Across the bottom.
I hope every candidate in Maryland contests their loss in this election. It is very obvious the fix was in l, the deals were made, and the motive is clear, Harry Logan wants to be president, but is trying to distance himself from president Trump.
You want the evidence, sworn statements, no problem. There have already been threats about exposing this . So if you want those things you can have them, but the stakes are high.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Remove, on average, the phony 100k "votes" that were manipulated, from each candidate then look at the totals. Remove 1 million from Biden and look at the totals πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
That's right "Harry" lock down the state even more. Make it nearly impossible to investigate your voting fraud. Keep your grip tight!
Until "after the storm" as you call it. (He's referring to Trump fighting his "loss")
Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia, DO NOT verify signatures on any ballots. This is one of the major aspects allowing mail and ballot fraud to take place
Maryland, and how Gov. Hogan Shut Down "Dominion" so he could control the election results with paper ballots.
marylandreporter.com/2013/11/19/mar… Image

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**Public Proclamation**
Matt Couch, You Will, as of right now "cease and desist" any and all public or private attacks on my person or integrity.
Any further attacks and I will meet you in court.
Threats? I didn't threaten anyone, I merely gave notice. Threats are what you were facing for sticking your nose where it didn't belong.
Threats that I stopped at great risk to myself and my family, your welcome, even though you never said thank you.
You accomplished nothing and destroyed lives in the process, all while begging donations.
As for information"checking out". Everything checks out just fine when someone with actual real experience, access, and authority, checks it out.
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16 Jan
I don't know Mr. Ulbricht, I don't know if he should have a full pardon, but I do know that he should have a very serious review of his entire case with at least a commutation of sentence.
Mr. Ulbricht's case was irretrievably damaged beyond any point where it could be
Prosecuted legitimately by the involvement of Shaun wesley Bridges, Carl Mark Force, and the do-j's "dirty trick Squad".
Bridges had been using the silk road to launder illegally seized and obtained money for a long time prior to Mr Ulbricht's arrest.
The silk road site was used not only to launder money but the spy on and compromise people.
Bridges/Force idiotic plot to assassinate Mr Ulbricht, fake whole thing, was not their idea alone.
RR was behind the plan. That's why so many people ask "how could they possibly
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13 Jan
I was informed today by people within the d-o/j framework, that once they are in control again, in one week, that they will begin making examples of the people who spoke against them, and I'm at the top of their list, my wife and I.
They made it clear the "mistakes of the past"
Would not be repeated, I.e, leaving me alive to expose them like they did the last time.
I am certainly not the only one they will be coming after with false prosecution.
Do you want to remove any threat to their power and exposure of their crimes for the future.
I am not worried at all, not even 1%. President Trump has already set things in motion to secure the United States. If the president had truly conceded, this impeachment/ 25th amendment, farce would not be happening.
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28 Dec 20
The civil case was away for me to document what they were doing and get things on the record. RR DOJ/FBI, had wired the attorney client Booth so they could hear everything. Illegal surveillance just like they were doing to everyone else.
James Bredar, the exact same judge in my criminal case, this civil case, and the case against the BGF gang, ruled on all three cases.

JUDGE BREDAR acknowledged in my criminal case that illegal surveillance was rampant, and sealed it.
In the civil case same judge same opposing council PJ Martinez for all three cases, judge Bredar, denied the illegal surveillance and threw the case out.
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28 Dec 20
The "intelligence community" has been using Dominion, Scorecard, etc. And companies (fronts) like SCYTL for Years to manipulate ELECTIONS overseas, and to various levels here in the U.S. since at least 2006.
ALL Approved through the FISA court.
I wonder if anyone has connected that "Chief" Justice Roberts has been "Approving" this type of Election interference personally since then?
But I'm SURE he knew nothing about the election fraud using these "Exact Same Methods" during the 2020 Election πŸ€”πŸ€”
Probably came as a complete surprise πŸ‘
So he is completely impartialπŸ‘ and hearing any case on the 2020 Election wouldn't compromise any ILLEGAL overseas operations he has approved or has knowledge ofπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
Naaah! All goodπŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ™
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