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Very Informative Johnheretohelp Blog Post by Lin Wood’s Whistleblower, Dr. Jon Mcgreevey’s (@Johnheretohelp ‘Ryan Dark White’) Full Testimony Taken 01/09/2021 Dr. Jonathan McGreevey’s Campaign kicks off Fifth of Newell (with a Hogan Chaser) Patriot Whistleblower Dr. Jonathan McGreevey aka Ryan White aka @jonheretohelp Newell B-Roll Newell III Q Clock Map For Researchers AndySaysMD! August 29th 2021 The Newell Post with Dr. Jonathan McGreevey Patriot Whistleblower

The January 6 Special Part 1: Who’s Your Daddy?

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Hello, #JohnsArmy! My apologies for the long lag in posting. I spent a lot of time going back and forth about what to write next. There’s a lot happening.

Remembering some wise words from an old friend, I realized it was time to stop going back and forth, and just go forth. It’s time to talk about January 6. If I still had a Twitter account, this would be the thread that would have gotten me kicked off the platform (again). Like it did Lyndon (again). And Jon… FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. That’s how volatile the subject is, and how important it is to get the truth out about what really happened that day, who was complicit, and who is connected. Related. Perhaps even… Blood-related? Hmm.

Sullivan is a name whose heritage dates back to the third century. Some famous Sullivans include Chicago architect Louis, television host Ed, and early boxer John L. Sullivan. One of the Sullivans we’ll be covering today is also named John Sullivan. This John has not made a name for himself by engineering edifices, emceeing entertainment, or for his pugilistic prowess. This John Sullivan’s claim to fame is being an activist/infiltrator/instigator/agent provocateur/chaos coordinator/grifting punk face.

Once we’re done with this Sullivan, we’ll go on to this one…

… and then move on over to Big Daddy Fudge himself…

Bet they wish they had Anne Sullivan around right about now. She was, after all, a Miracle Worker.

By now we’ve all seen the nearly hour-long footage little man shot at the Capitol building on January 6. It’s so weird how someone who was “just there to document history” – his words – had such a clear path to film this little playlet from beginning to end, and offered (and was offered) assistance and encouragement all along the way. Before we get into the events of that day, let’s take a closer look at young John Sullivan.

In recent history, before the five alarm dumpster fire that was 2020, no one had ever really heard of John Earle Sullivan/activistjohn/JaydenX.  In 2016, he did a commercial for Uber. On its blogsite, he posted about the odd jobs he’d worked before turning 21 and becoming a driver. “I was a waiter, busser, dishwasher, and worked in a call center,” wrote John. In the ad, however, he portrays himself as a polished professional speed skater and brags about competing in the Olympics, when in reality, he failed to even qualify for the finals. In the director’s cut version, Sullivan screeches to a dramatic stop on the ice in front of the camera and says all nice and smooth-like, “Find your hustle.”

So how does a minimum wage-earning failed Olympian find his hustle? How does he throw his hair net into the ring and wind up being the ONLY person to record (and narrate) the entire siege of the Capitol from beginning to end? Pretty good shakes for a kid who simply shoots riotous protest videos in order to document history; or as he put it, “…for recording purposes solely, not being active in it.”  How does that happen, when the dude has NO journalist credentials? How does a pot-scrubbing telemarketer get catapulted into the spotlight on the World Stage? One thing I know for sure is that one cannot land that starring role without an AGENT. A more appropriate synonym, in this case, would be HANDLER. It’s easy to spot a handler in one of these chaotic crowd scenes, incidentally – just look for the black umbrella. Ironically enough, you can buy one for the low, low price of $9.99 on Sullivan’s Insurgence USA online store. More on that to follow.

John and his brothers James, Peter and Matthew were adopted by a “conservative” white Mormon couple from Utah. Their father, Kevin J. Sullivan, is a retired U.S. Air Force Major General. Here we read of his “exceptionally meritorious and distinguished service”.

Sullivan took command at Hill Air Force base in 2003 and was its longest-ever serving commander. He tacked a third star onto his shoulder upon accepting a promotion to lieutenant general. He then stepped into the position of Deputy Chief of Staff at the U.S. Air Force’s Installations, Logistics and Mission Support Headquarters. There is even an Award of Excellence named in his honor.

Unfortunately, just prior to his nomination for sainthood, Kevin Sullivan was stripped of his third star and demoted in rank back to Major General. Why? Turns out he was one of seventeen officers disciplined for “accidentally” sending nuclear warheads via Taiwan. Butterfingers!!! One analyst in the aerospace industry remarked that Sullivan could have given much more away, to anyone, before he got caught. Were they working with China to get supplies through to Iran? When the release of the nuclear fuses was discovered in 2008, the powers that be buried the paperwork that would bury General Sullivan, yoinked away a star and bade him “retire” in order to keep everything quiet.  

Immediately following his forced retirement (with a little help from Bush, no doubt), K.J. became an associate at Dayton Aerospace, a defense industry and Pentagon consulting firm, where he earns a very tidy sum to this day. No working part-time at Home Depot to keep this retired dad from boredom! No sir, the Kevinator gets paid for brokering military contracts and keeping his yap shut. Nice work if you can get it.

Here is my working theory. Kevin Sullivan was so uniquely qualified and so highly decorated that he thought himself untouchable. You know how the Deep State do. So daddy gets busted and they bench him. He can no longer participate in or profit from his shady dealings with the Far East. Although in front of NBC cameras at the time, Acting Air Force Secretary Michael Donley said to the American public “I cannot ignore the breach of trust”, that is exactly what happened. The whole affair is swept under the rug, Sullivan is set up to make a killing from hush money, and no one goes to prison for treason. Sounds familiar…

With the emergence of the insurgence, General Sullivan had/has a lot more to keep quiet about. His eldest was trying flex as a leader in what he calls “the Revolution”, making enemies in both camps. His son James was doing the same on the “other side”.

James is the co-founder of pro-Trump organization Civilized Awakening and has spoken at Proud Boys rallies. It was James who turned his brother in to the FBI after he woke up from a nap and had some 600 pictures and messages letting him know John was there at the Capitol. The brothers had allegedly been estranged for a month or two before the attack, but James was quoted as saying he knew John was involved and “somehow responsible”.

Am I the only one who finds it odd that Jimbo got hundreds of communications letting him know his brother was there? How is it possible for that many people to contact him if he wasn’t involved and it wasn’t rigged? I don’t know 600 people, and if I did they wouldn’t all barrage me with the same news at the same time. They had to have been in cahoots for that to have happened. At one of the protests he organized, John offered his megaphone to one of the Proud Boys, saying he wanted to work together. So you tell me.

Could it be possible that this chapter of The January 6 narrative is one of fabricated sibling rivalry that rivals Cain and Abel? Did Daddy Dearest pass the baton to his sons, using his insider connections to further a particular mission? Every video I’ve seen of the brothers talking smack about each other is like a super cringey Star Search audition. Ed McMahon is spinning in his grave like a cotton candy machine and neither sibling advances to the next round. Zero stars.

In June of 2020, Sullivan started making the rounds. We’ve been led to believe he created his LLC Insurgence USA in 2020 in response to the George Floyd “tragedy”. I will dispel that, but it was then that he began to utilize the website to promote division and sell T-shirts and tactical gear. He started organizing events in Utah, including a counter-protest in Provo where vehicles were blocked and damaged. Drivers were being threatened and one was even shot by one of John’s buddies, who was charged with attempted murder. A few weeks later, he held a solo protest at the Utah State Capitol, wielding an AR-15.

 In August, Sullivan assembled a protest at a D.C. intersection.

As we know, words have meaning, and it is very important to keep peoples’ words in proper context. As I share a few of the poetic sentiments uttered by Mr. Sullivan during his demonstrations, pay particular attention to the pronoun WE.

 “WE about to burn this sh*t down.” “WE ain’t about waiting until the next election.”  “WE got to rip Trump out of office, f**king pull him out of that sh*t, WE about to get that motherf***er.”

 So… Who is WE? Certainly not We the People. We will be hearing a lot more of his “WE”s and seeing a lot more asterisks as we continue.

Sullivan agreed the riot was not an impromptu act. “As far as them storming the Capitol, I knew that was going to happen,” he said. “I’m on chats that are underground that are sending out flyers that are just like, ‘Storm all capitols on the 6th.’ It wasn’t anything that was secret. It was something that was out there… and they did it.” They who?

Here we see an invitation to a protest set to take place at the Washington Monument on the morning of the 6th, and organized by none other than Activist John.

And here, just nine days before the attack on the Capitol, he proudly proclaims “Utah’s terrorist group plans to storm the capitol Jan 6!” Note the #blm and #antifa hashtags. You may also notice he says WE again when giving a description of the site. As highlighted in yellow, once again we are told Sullivan created the website in the summer of 2020. So how why is the copyright from five years earlier, 2015 (red circle)? When was Insurgence USA really established, and by whom?

A young woman named Jade Sacker can be seen and heard in certain sections of the JaydenX footage.  Once the two of them are inside the building, she says to John, “I’ll give you your hug now. You were right, WE did it.” This statement proves the two of them were in on the pre-planning and co-conspiring. Rumors flew about Ms. Sacker’s work reporting for CNN, NPR, etc. (which very well may have been true, considering Snopes denied it). She claimed to be a “freelancer”. Just like her partner, who went from phony left-wing activist to phony press credential-less video journalist overnight. She also just so happens to be filming a documentary about the Sullivan Bros. and how each one holding such strong views on opposite sides of the political spectrum has driven a wedge into the family dynamic. A real modern-day East of Eden. No doubt the story will be pitched to industry producers in short order. I can see the headlines now: “Jussie Smollet Gives Oscar-Worthy Performance to Rival Milli Vanilli’s 1990 Grammy Win”.

Sullivan captures everything from the plowing down of police barriers, to windows being broken out, to the shooting of Ashli Babbitt. He is heard throughout the video encouraging chaos, inciting violence and telling the police to stand down. He also makes good use of his grammatical gifting. Here are some more “WE” statements Johnny Dangerously made on the 6th, as per affidavit:

“WE are all part of this. WE accomplished this sh*t. WE did this together. WE are all a part of this history. LET’S burn this sh*t down. LET’S go. WE gotta get this sh*t burned. It’s OUR house motherf***ers. WE are getting this sh*t. WE did this sh*t. WE took this sh*t.” Again, who is WE?

Why would someone who organizes protests sell tactical gear on his website? Remember the $9.99 black umbrella? Here it is, along with gas masks, plate carriers, even the “Rise Against the Norm” shirt worn at one of his famous photo ops.

Is there another Sullivan with D.C. connections who sells both T-shirts and tactical gear on his website?  

Do all Sullivans emphasize the importance of “finding your hustle”?

Who’s your Daddy, Emmet Anthony Sullivan? Is/was he a Federal Judge? What is/was his role the current political scene? What is/was his role in the January 6 Special?

Stay tuned for Part II, where WE will pursue the answer to this and many other questions, such as:

  1. Who shot Ashli Babbitt?
  2. Who really shot Ashli Babbitt?
  3. Was Ashli Babbitt really shot?
  4. Who really established Insurgence USA, and when?
  5. Who was the pipe bomber and what is his Sullivan connection? Serious diggers, right answer = mortgage-paying-off reward money. Seriously, dig.
  6. Who is the Sullivan Brothers’ HANDLER?

Here is a video I find very interesting. What do you think?


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