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You Better Watch Out (I’m Tellin’ You Why…)

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Howzit going, #JohnsArmy? 😉 A million mahalos for your feedback on the first two articles. As I’m sure you’ve ascertained from the title of this editorial, the theme continues. Hawaiian Shirt Day, extended dance mix version.

I didn’t set out to write a trilogy, but the more I unwrap the unwanted gifts left by SantaSurfing, the more strongly I feel the force to further feature her fraudulent fakery. Hana hou! No more Secret Santa. If she doesn’t like what I’m exposing, she can always sue me. Heck, why not? She’s already suing YouTube, Google, That’s Latin for “and others”; you will see this Latin locutio again upon further reading.

WARNING: Get ready for a quotation mark cavalcade! You will find them wherever phoniness requires flanking. Busy little “ ”s!

In this “Santa Suit”, the Plaintiff brings charges as the single principal of her M.E.O.W.I.E. FOUNDATION INC. Here, the word “Meowie” is separated by periods, as if to suggest it is an acronym. The “official” “charity” website,, is dot-free. Until now, each time I’ve run across the Meowie Foundation in print, the text was positively dot-less. Is there a legal reason for that? I’m asking sincerely, for I am certainly no attorney. Please consider this my disclaimer, as did Santa on her Beach Broadcast article blog.

I’m not here to ask why she felt it necessary to include “accountants” and/or “lobbyists” in the list of things “they” are not. I am only seeking information on the information she informs us is “derived from Public information, News Articles & Social Media (Improper Capitalization Hers).”

Notice the Meowie Foundation is dba (doing business as) Beach Broadcast. That means they are the same entity, just operating under a fictitious name. But which is fictitious? Here we see “donations” go to the Meowie Foundation Inc. (with a blue check mark, which is odd when one considers there is no such Twitter handle). There’s also no Pinterest account. There are two Instas with that name, but one has a mere twenty-four followers; the other just one. Its Facebook page boasts a whopping 4 followers, and as many likes.

The Meowie Foundation is listed on several sites as a “domestic nonprofit”. It is allegedly a grassroots organization that works on animal issues. Here it shows very clearly that it is a private foundation. There is even a button you can click to donate directly to Santa’s private organization, although the law clearly states such foundations do not solicit funds from the public. Hmmmm…

The beaches of Hawaii are covered with shills. Er… that is … shells. Does your “company” sell shells, Santa? Would you say it’s a “shell company”? Do shills sell seashells by the seashore? Were you willing to go a’shilling for a shilling? Are you marketing yourself as a non-profit charity and falsely representing your mission to the public in order to squirrel away some of that Sammy scratch for yourself? Just asking questions. You know, the kind TRUTH DOESN’T FEAR.

On page four of the lawsuit, we see the agreement entered into by YouTube and Pelznickel:

 Note how it states in item 10 that Santa has been relying almost exclusively on the money YouTube pays her to spread propaganda in order to finance her lifestyle and pay for her personal expenses.

Page six gives the approximate amount she had been earning under the contract, which adds up to $348,000 per year. Tax exempt. Not too shabby for someone who had just 25 followers when first she met up with Captain Lueders and Dr. McGreevey, eh?

Item 38 states that none of Plaintiff’s videos promoted or contained hate speech. Um, OBJECTION! The video she posted about Jon, mentioned in my previous article, certainly contained hate speech. And she posted it on YouTube. She then claims to have suffered a 100% drop in income due to this “breach”. I’d hazard a guess this chick’s got some other stuff cooking. Some swampy side dishes. There’s more than one way to skin a squirrel, right Santa?

She’s asking for no less than $50,000, plus treble damages. This means she’s asking for three times that amount. There’s even mention of the money she lost by not having closed captioning enabled on her videos. She wants every last drop of that dirty money.

The Santa Suit is dated March 5, 2021, and submitted by her lawyer, Michael J. Collins. Collins is a debt, bankruptcy and foreclosure attorney, which is an interesting choice. Hmmmm…

The rest of her suit is a demand for jury trial and “Exhibit A”, screenshots of how well she fulfilled her side of the contract. Here is just one example she gives of her ability to bring in big “nonprofit” profits for both herself and for her contractual partners.

I’ll skip the part where she fawns over Lin Wood, a true Patriot who loves the Lord and champions Jon as the hero he is. Also, whatever happened to your hard-hitting reports on Italian Patriot Giulio Occhionero? Is he a phony whistleblower too? You can’t eat that cake, Santa. You won’t go hungry, don’t worry! Plenty of CROW to go around. #eatcrow #ToreSays

The shills are coming out of the woodwork. To Santa and all you other fake paYtriots? You won’t need money where you’re going. You interfered with, smeared, defamed and publicly trashed an AMERICAN HERO. And you weren’t alone. Your suit is brought by you “et al”, the meaning of which is “and others”, as previously stated. Who else is enjoining you in your quest to sue your business partner, Santa? Hmmm…

You better not cry/ You better not pout/Allie4Truth just called you OUT!!!