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Patriot Whistleblower Dr. Jonathan McGreevey aka Ryan White aka @jonheretohelp
Newell B-Roll
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Q Clock Map For Researchers
AndySaysMD! August 29th 2021
The Newell Post with Dr. Jonathan McGreevey Patriot Whistleblower
The Newell Post II
Q Clock Map – Delta :19
Q Clock Map – Delta :18
Q Clock Map – Delta :17
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Patriot Whistleblower Dr. Jonathan McGreevey aka Ryan White aka @jonheretohelp Newell B-Roll Newell III Q Clock Map For Researchers AndySaysMD! August 29th 2021 The Newell Post with Dr. Jonathan McGreevey Patriot Whistleblower The Newell Post II Q Clock Map – Delta :19 Q Clock Map – Delta :18 Q Clock Map – Delta :17

Introduction To The Q Clock

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Welcome everyone, I am very happy to see you all here.

What I am going to present to you today is 3 years of my study on the Q Clock. I don’t expect for everyone to get all of the nuances of everything I’ve gleaned so far today, but I do want to show you all the basics and how to match up current events to past posts.

Unlike most Clock theory out there, I’m not going for time proofs such as you see other ‘Clockfags’ do on Tweet to Post timestamps. I’m looking at specific markers as relayed by Q. You have access to for detail. I am only putting together maps … coordinates laid out by Q, to find and put “FUTURE PROVES PAST” and “YOU HAVE MORE THAN YOU KNOW” in perspective.

It is uncanny that certain pushes happen at certain times … and they most often land on the Clock. Q has ingeniously given us all the clues we need, in a legal way, to understand events that are to unfold. Some have already happened, and some have yet to manifest. Rest assured he was quite correct saying that we should “Trust the Plan.”

Q’s Original Map

Q post 128

So this is what Q proposed as the Map. Simple enough right? Now imagine 3800+ posts. Not so simple anymore, huh? Made my eyes glaze over just thinking about it. . . .

The Q Clock

What us Clockfags have done is make this map a little more easier to consume, by breaking it down into 60 increments, in succession as Q wanted. The clever person who came up with this is a genius. I’ll show you how it works.


Deltas are basically the minute markers on a clock … :00-:59. And of course, there are 60 minutes in a clock …. always 60. These minutes represent days. So one full turn around the clock is 60 days. . . .

As you can see, we’ve been around the clock a few times. Every time you reach the same Delta (point) on the clock, you are forming a Delta Line. All of the Q post days, marked by the blue bubbles, in that line are a Delta Set, which we will use to create the map. The dates are 12/7/17, 2/5/18, 4/6/18, 10/3/18 and 12/2/18, reading from the inside out. Do you see them? Now that we understand what Deltas and the corresponding Delta Sets are, let’s see what this looks like on a map. . . .

The Map

What I’ve done here is gathered the dates Q posted on the Delta line we are using for this example, which is Delta :00.

Now here’s a Q-tip for you …. If you read the map every 60 days consecutively, you will have read all of Q’s posts! This clock is a archive record of all of Q’s post. Remember earlier I said that Q wanted them in succession, right? Well, the next day will do just that, so that Delta Map :01 will follow right after this one, and you can continue to read them in order. . . .

This was the last map I did 1/20/21


Clockfags use all types of ways to decipher the clock. Some will use Timestamps, such as in Tweets, articles and events. I do it a bit differently. I use ‘Keywords’.

I have noticed since I started this that there was a pattern in some of the words Q uses in posts, and decided to track them. It was a revelation to me once I found my first Q Clock proof. The map I have developed, initially used color coding and shapes. Most of those deal with Markers, Clocks, etc and a few that used words like Iron Eagle, Keystone, etc. However, there were many more I wanted to track and you are limited on colors and shapes, so I started just putting them into the map, as you can see above. This new addition has been quite revealing as the matching to Twits, articles and speeches started popping out quite often. Understand that not every post will be relevant every time you land on that Delta again, but some will, so it’s good to track them all πŸ™‚ . . .


I now the concept of Mirrors is pretty self explanatory, so I won’t go to far into it. Basically, it’s just a matter of going directly opposite of the Delta you are on. So, in this example, the Mirror of Delta :00 is Delta :30. There are varying theories on which Deltas should be Mirrored. I am one to stick to what Q said, and only mirror posts in which the Keyword Mirror is used. There are only 7, but that’s just the way I do it. You can do as you like. . .

Year To Date

Year to date Deltas have been brought up a lot by Q. So what I’ve done in my maps is to add them in when there is one. The easiest way to find them is to count back 5 days (2017-2019, 6 days for 2020 due to leap year) from the Delta you want to know about, and then trace that Delta Line back to the center. Easy Peasy. . .

2 Days Ahead of Schedule

This one is self explanatory. Q said at one point stated “2 days ahead of schedule.” There has been some post-to-events that have been within a couple of days of “The Plan” that I’ve seen over the years, so this is just another good point to pay attention to. In general, given Year to Date and these 2 days ahead, I’m generally satisfied with proofs being off a few days because of this. It habbens πŸ™‚ . . .

Digging with the Q Clock Map

There are plenty of examples of this thing working, and more and more are coming in like clockwork ….. I’ll limit it to a couple just to demonstrate how this works.

Example 1

Q Clock Proof Thread for NVXIM connection Year To Date Nancy Salzman, Bronfman, NXIVM in the News 3/27/19

Q post 972

From Q972 on the Clock (3/27/18) , Q posted about NVXIM cult leader with a link to to Fox Nxivm cult leader coerced women into sex, branded initials on his β€˜slaves,’ authorities say

Example 2

Q1993 – Future Proves Past on Delta 25 Then Donald Trump was tweeting about the corrupt Google as highlighted by Q in post 1993

Q post 1993

News came out about Project Veritas’ video about Google tampering with elections

From Project Veritas

Example 3

Mirror Match in the News July 2, 2019 (Delta :32) we heard that a Russian sub lost 14 crewmembers

The first thing that came to mind to look for to see if this incident was on the clock was to look for the keyword “Red October.” There wasn’t one on that days Q Clock Map, Delta :32, but there was on it’s Mirror, Delta :02. It was even designated by Q as a Marker

Delta :02


I hope I’ve demonstrated how the clock works, and what you can do with it. Don’t worry if you don’t see everything right away …. I didn’t! It will come to you. I am noticing more Proofs showing up alot lately, which tells me we are well on our way to kicking some Deep State ass and finally gaining our freedoms back. That’s what this is all about.

I have created this tool for everyone to use to help make sense of what is going on around us. I pink pill teach it …. mainly to spark the imagination of the newbies coming in to the movement. The more people understand the craziness going on right now, the less chaos we are going to have to deal with. If this tool helps us to give explanations to those who don’t know what’s going on, well then it’s done its job.

Here is a link to the current Q Clock Map Instructional Video

Everyone is welcome to use any of my data that I have been collecting here!At-7nmAIpbDXtgTSO8t_ivCwlnjA?e=gFay5c . I’m not a famefag, so please do steal what you need and share it wherever you wish.

Starting August 8th, 2021, I will be rolling out the Q clock by Delta, for you all. I have chosen this date and Delta :20 because it coincides with the First Q post on October 28, 2017. I will then post these every day for 60 days so you will have all of the Archive as I have it so far. I hope you follow along, either as I post, or on future time.

Much Love,

Philly Q

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