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Checking It Twice

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Aloha, #JohnsArmy! In case you missed it, the title for this article is a call-back to my first feature, “Who’s on the Naughty List?” It’s quite lengthy, this register of renegade PAYtriots, so this is just a simple follow-up, concerning a certain Yuletide Wahine. As would any citizen journalist worth her weight in Sammy Silver, naturally I want to be sure my sources are true and accurate before posting. Verification before dissemination, right?  Fortunately, this was not difficult in this particular instance, as I am my own source. #Based

In “Naughty List”, we learned SantaSurfing started out on Twitter with 25 followers, used Jon’s story to bolster her account and increase her following, dumped him, then encouraged her cliquey coterie to join her in publicly slandering and defaming him. It was bad enough hearing her phony caterwauling when Jon described the hideous torture he’d endured at the hands of the Deep State, but what she led her little entourage of elves into participating in was much worse. It makes them culpable as well. Not only did she state she believed Jon was lying about the abuse he suffered, she tweeted (and retweeted) images of pigs literally being tortured.    *** Jon’s Twitter profile pic is a pink pig with a magnifying glass & an eyeful of universe.  It was a message to him. ***     Because of the graphic nature of some of these images, and because I love my friend Jon and want to spare him the skeeviness of it all, I will refrain from showing all snapshots but the following:

It is a cartoon image, yes; one which clearly displays a pig in a torture room, being beaten over the head with a hammer. It shows who tweeted it and that “Santa” found it amusing and retweeted it. Santa, who had NATIONAL SECURITY INFORMATION and NO SENSE OF HONOR.

“Why would she do that?”, a beleaguered Caryn asked of me. Here was my answer, without words:


“Ohhhh, she would never. She is a true Trump-loving patriot! Why do you think she has so many followers?” queried Caryn, who had just returned from a long liquid lunch at her job in Human Resources (in my head I’m doing Tore’s Karen voice… It’s hilarious when she breaks character, gets mad and then goes back to the nasally twang) “Santa’s so sweet and positive, Go Sammy, uh-huh!”

Yet they all have the haircut! LOL

Incidentally, a solution of cold water and baking soda is a simple and natural solution for removing vomit stains.

So CareBear, this one’s for you. Disclaimer: If your name is Caryn and you work in Human Resources, it’s not you. It’s the other Karen.

In my first article it was proven that Santa claimed to be disgusted with folks “monetizing the movement”, and that she agreed anyone who profits by selling the truth should immediately be dropped like a bad habit (paraphrasing). The split-screen showed her expressing that sentiment alongside the now-sold-out rodent coins she’s hawking for 42 bucks a pop. And that’s just the start! Let’s take a little peek at some of the other festive for-profit wares offered, shall we? Some must-haves for the summer season. Then we’ll slide a little further down the chimney & see what’s a- cookin’!

#1. Squirrel Merch

#2. Squirrel/Trump/Santa Merch

#3. Self Merch

#4. Big Bust Merch (hehe)

#5. Dog Merch

As you can clearly see, this is all just a bunch of cheap, tawdry, self-promoting crap. And here’s the thing about self-promotion as a “truther”… THOSE TWO THINGS DO NOT GO TOGETHER. Mmmmkay? Especially when even the image you portray of yourself is a lie. I would never dox anyone, ever. That just ain’t cool. But I will call them out for their lies, including the lies about what they look like. If you think “Santa” looks anything like the sexy surfing silhouette she’s selling you? You’re in for a rude awakening when her trial is televised.  As the saying goes, some people have a face for radio. Just not the voice. Even her image is propaganda!!!

I saved Dog Merch for last for a reason. It will lead to a very important question concerning “Santa” and her “charity”. I am painfully aware of my overuse of “ “; there’s just so much “ “.

Retraction: I was wrong when I said all the dough SS rakes in goes to an unnamed charity. You have to dig, and I dug. You can donate to two different charities, apparently, which are actually the same. One is Beach Broadcast. It’s a 501C3 organization.

Apparently, the online store is having endless technical problems, so you have to go through her email. You email, this comes up.

The other charity, named here is the Meowie Foundation, with the address listed below. I google- mapped it, and it took me here. It’s a strip mall with cafes, salons and OH! A UPS store? Hmmmm…

Check this out:

And this:

So Santa’s is a charity to get justice for abused CATS?

Why pimp dog merchandise then, and not cat? Why no mention on her channels about justice for these poor felines? Why is her mascot a squirrel when rodents are a cat’s arch enemy? Nothing is adding up, except for Santa’s ill-gotten wealth.

I’ll close with two short snippets from videos I made last year concerning this ho- ho- huckster, because future proves past. Santa, you should have been good, for goodness’ sake.

Clip taken from “Johnheretohelp, Zamfir and Other Whistleblowers” (Originally published 2/10/20)

Full video here:

Clip taken from “Let’s Rally for Johnheretohelp” (Originally published 3/5/20

Full video here: