February 08, 2023
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Very Informative Johnheretohelp Blog Post by https://cyberthal-ghost.nfshost.com/
Lin Wood’s Whistleblower, Dr. Jon Mcgreevey’s (@Johnheretohelp ‘Ryan Dark White’) Full Testimony Taken 01/09/2021
Dr. Jonathan McGreevey’s Campaign kicks off
Fifth of Newell (with a Hogan Chaser)
Patriot Whistleblower Dr. Jonathan McGreevey aka Ryan White aka @jonheretohelp
Newell B-Roll
Newell III
Q Clock Map For Researchers
AndySaysMD! August 29th 2021
The Newell Post with Dr. Jonathan McGreevey Patriot Whistleblower
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Very Informative Johnheretohelp Blog Post by https://cyberthal-ghost.nfshost.com/ Lin Wood’s Whistleblower, Dr. Jon Mcgreevey’s (@Johnheretohelp ‘Ryan Dark White’) Full Testimony Taken 01/09/2021 Dr. Jonathan McGreevey’s Campaign kicks off Fifth of Newell (with a Hogan Chaser) Patriot Whistleblower Dr. Jonathan McGreevey aka Ryan White aka @jonheretohelp Newell B-Roll Newell III Q Clock Map For Researchers AndySaysMD! August 29th 2021 The Newell Post with Dr. Jonathan McGreevey Patriot Whistleblower

Pray for @Johnheretohelp In the Comment section

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Here is a place to drop John a word of encouragement, leave a prayer, and just to thank him for all he’s done in faithful service to our country.

10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Ephesians 6:10-12

46 thoughts on “Pray for @Johnheretohelp In the Comment section

  1. Hi John. I am amazed that you are really doing what so many people wish would happen. Understand deeply the criminal industry masquerading as government, and say something with authority. Clearly this doesn’t happen that much because people are so easily corrupted by non-virtue. To choose virtue at any point and remain therein requires having no fear of death. I think you do not fear death, because you have latched onto truth. I really admire that and hope to attain to the same adherence to any virtue.

  2. thank you for all you do Jon. so many of us – we the people look up to you Jon for the hope & strength you’ve always shown us. Peace love prayers🙏 from New Zealand.

  3. Jon
    I pray for your safety as I do Lyndon you have given me positive thoughts when I was giving up thank you my friend I would never have made it with out your encouraging words. I will help you anyway I can amen 🙏
    Love you always

  4. Jon
    You have touched my family more than you know. You’re prayers for Gary l Your prayer got me through many dark days. We pray daily for your safety
    Love you always Amazing Grace

  5. I have room if John or Rich need a place. I live in a very quiet area. I assume you can get my info from this site. I am not on anything except I activated my facebook temporarily to see certain posts about Trump’s return.

  6. Sure miss your daily updates. Thank you for your hard work to date, and anything coming up in the future!

  7. Hey Dr Jon, I miss hearing from you but I hope and pray you have managed to stay safe! God bless you and keep you and may He cause His face to shine upon you and keep you safe!

  8. Hello John
    I am a person living paycheck to paycheck and doing my best to stay a little ahead of my bills, gets a little harder every month due to higher prices on everything. I just wanted to say Thank You for everything you are doing on keeping us informed on the reality of our situation in todays world. I am praying for you and the safety of your family in these hard times. I lost my way to God in my youth and now I am middle aged and searching for him again. I hope and pray everyday and call out his name to forgive me for being lost. I know in my heart he is listening and I take it one day at a time to my path that I am supposed to be on. Your an amazing person with alot of knowledge. It must be a burden sometimes to know these things you speak of. I just pray that one day soon that most everyone will finally open their eyes and see the destruction of our great country before it is too late. Keep Rolling on John!

  9. Praying for you Jon.

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

  10. Just saw what twit did to your page…this PROVES that what you said was %1000 correct about sullivans son!! If they would have let you keep going it would have made it less believable but now they have sealed the deal and we know what’s up now!! Twit even said that posting a link to this site http://www.johnheretohelp.info is ‘potentially harmful ’💯🤮I am posting it anyway so that it doesn’t link directly but they can go search it….my ipad said it couldn’t find the server at first and when i refreshed it came up…this is an ACTIVE WAR ON THE TRUTH AND WHAT YOU SAID IS RIGHT IN THE MONEY!! I will send out your site & to donate EVERY SINGLE DAY and you will win your seat💯🙏🔥🇺🇸I also pray for you and your family EVERY SINGLE DAY TOO SIR!!💯🙏🔥🇺🇸YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR PATRIOT SUPERHERO SIR!!!

  11. Hi John, Many Prayers going up for you. God Bless you Sir and keep you safe. You’re a true Patriot. I have followed you for a while. I could not comment on your posts though as Jack suspended my account around election time. I check your page a few times a day and post them on Gab. You’re a hero and are loved by many… Victoria

  12. Mr. McGreevy & Family,

    “The LORD bless you and keep you; The LORD make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”

    You struck a nerve today and twitter went away.

    Reality can’t be stopped from shining thru no matter how beautiful the path to perdition is.

    May God’s Angels protect you and your family in these rough waters of change,


  13. Thank you John Allie& all! A few months back driving to work from Stamford Connecticut to North Haven I would get to the job and not even wanna get out of the car that’s how depressed and sad I’ve been since November 3. Somehow I discovered John and I can honestly say getting up in the morning is easy! We all go through tough times but you need inspiration thank you for being my inspiration

  14. Dear Lord, I pray that you watch over my Brother in Christ John and his family. And those that are fighting along side John. Please bind the enemy’s hands and feet that they should do no harm, change the hearts of the ones who seek to bring harm to them and those around him. Lord I humbly ask that when those that seek to harm your children , may they shake with fear, for when they see his face, let them see yours instead. In Jesus Holy name I pray. Amen 🙏🏼 💕

  15. I am sending many many prayers 🙏, lots and lots of golden healing & protecting light 🙌🏼😇, and tons and tons of LOVE 💞❣️I am doing this daily for you and your family ❣️Thank you for ALL the sacrifices you do and have done for ALL of your fellow human beings…this shows your courage and bravery, you don’t know any of us, but you unselfishly tell the TRUTHs of what is actually going on so we can research & prepare for what is coming❣️Very very grateful to you sir 💞❣️One of my favorite scriptures come to mind for you: Deuteronomy 31:6 God Bless 🙏💐💞❣️

  16. God bless you my friend. I was blessed to be booted from t w i t t e r on the same day our great POTUS was. I miss connecting with you and pray for you every night. May God’s army win this war against the evil. I feel the light, it is stronger than ever before! We will overcome the evil and take back our country, our world. True Americans outnumber the evil cabal. Your light shines bright and I will forever be most grateful for your sacrifices.

  17. John
    I am moved to pray for tou and your family.
    Lord Jesus,
    I come to You humbly asking for peace that passes all understanding to be given to John and his family, Lord. Please rmind John daily that Your perfect love casts out all fear, and please let Him tangibly feel your presence as You comfort him. Please Lord, wrap your arms around him and keep him safe, Lord. We love You Lord, in Jesus precious name, Amen

  18. Hi Jon,

    I have been following you since Lin Wood mentioned you in his twit. I am still praying for your safety.

    God Bless!

    Wendy from Canada

  19. Dear Father in Heaven,
    We come to you on behalf of our friend Jon whom I have never met but we know that you know him well. We are told in your word that we can pray with authority through the name of your son Jesus and whatever we bind on Earth will be bound in Heaven. Father we bind those who are your enemies. We pray in the name of Jesus that those who want to harm Jon and his family will fail and they will be judged and brought to justice because of your holiness and because of your love for those who fear you and honor you. We pray a hedge of protection around Jon and all those whom he loves. We have faith that you are in control and have a purpose and plan that far exceeds our hopes and imagination. We put our trust in you. Thank you for your perfect love that sees us through the lens of our faith in your son and not through our imperfections.

  20. My blessings and prayers for you, JohnHereToHelp. For your safety and that of your wife’s; for strength, for encouragement, for peace, for steadfastness, for comfort. Thanks to the true God of us all for you, and thanks to you for your sacrifices on behalf of out nation. May God bless you and keep you. May He make His face to shine down upon you.

    Philippians. 2:16💗🙏


  22. I still have room if you and your wife need to relocate. I assume you can see my email. I am not on any social media but check posts from Twitter and Telegram to keep up on any news.

  23. I’m missing my patriot family and want you to know that we still pray for you I may just have to give you that 2 dollar bill. So proud of you and your bravery. No go do some spider pig stuffs and make it rain 🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  24. Dr. McGreevy,

    The sacrifices you and your family have made for the betterment of everyone else, is truly a modern day heroes story. Your grit and determination to just do what is right, and get the truth out, no matter the obsticules evil throws in your path, is an inspiration to us all!

    I will continue to pray for you and your family’s well-being and safety. The McGreevy family are true National Treasures and will always be remembered as nothing less.

    Thank you McGreevy Family!

    Much Love,

    – Josh

  25. Dear Heavenly Father,
    We praise You today and lift Your name on high! May You rule and reign over all and be glorified higher and higher! May the name of Jesus be exalted above Heaven and Earth! Forgive us of our sins and set us free from the chains that hold us down. Let us bring You glory in all we do. Help John live a rich beautiful and safe life now. Let him be in peace. Let his soul rest in Your love. May Satan be bound and no longer torment him. Help us to rise up and be strong! Help us to defeat the enemies that we see and do not see! I plead the blood of Jesus over John and ourselves. Heal our land. I humbly ask in Jesus name, amen!

  26. I wanted to apologize for humanity. You have never deserved the treatment you have received. I couldn’t listen to your whole story when you first shared it with the world. I was so disturbed and couldn’t fathom a world so evil. I am thankful that you never gave up and kept fighting. You sir are a REAL HERO.

    I have experienced evil recently through the Georgia Worker’s Comp program. No where to the degree of what you endured but enough to realize satan has been hiding in plain sight. Our government, doctors, lawyers, judges, and Worker’s comp insurance collaborate on both sides. They left me disabled and in pain and without any means. It’s a corrupt system. I applaud you for running for a seat. If I could walk up those Capitol steps, I would do the same. I want to dismantle the system that has done this to me and others.

    Father, thank You for the many blessings and for forgiving my many sins through sacrifice and the blood of Your Son Jesus Christ our Redeemer. Father, it’s so painful to hear Johnheartohelp’s story. I cannot imagine a world so evil that would allow these thing to happen to one of Your blessed children. Please gather him and his wife in Your wings and bless them beyond measure. Pour out Your love, healing, wisdom, and protection on them. Remove any obstacles that interfere in his attempt to remove those that have usurped power in our government. Give him wisdom to bring it back to constitutional law and to reclaim our God given sovereignty. Guide every step he makes. Block any evil attempt to stop him from doing what You have called him to do. Surround him with others that love You and have his state’s peoples best interest at heart. You are the most glorious and faithful. I thank You for answered prayers Father. Please be with all of us as we take charge of our nation and return it back to YOU!
    In the Lord our Savior’s Precious Name, I pray. Amen

  27. Dear John, may God bless you and your loved ones with health in minds and bodies, and spiritual and material gifts and wealth, may god bless you with light , love and protection, in Jesus Christ name , Amen.
    With love from Tehran

  28. Many prayers and blessings for you and your family John. You have travelled far and still here you are. What a miracle. I’m so proud of you and can’t wait for justice to be served. Thank you for your courage. You were chosen by God to deliver a message and we have listened. God Bless you Patriots! Love M

  29. Thank you for having the courage and moral character to speak up and share truth. I am forever changed by your sacrifices and testimony. May God bless and protect you and your family.

  30. John,
    I have followed you since Lin Wood started talking about his whistleblower. I have cut & pasted many of your tweets and forwarded to family members. You are a true patriot and I appreciate all your information on what’s happening. If you and your wife ever fear for your safety where you are I would always have room in my home in a very safe and quiet area. God bless you and stay safe.

  31. Hi Johnheretohelp, It’s Riley, been a while since we talked.
    Found this Website from the Lyndon this morning and I’m skipping.
    Prayers for you and your wife. ❤️🙏❤️

    1. Dear Mr And Mrs McGreevey

      I do not possess the words to adequately express how your sacrifices on behalf our nation and the truth has forever changed me.

      May God restore to you your daughter. May God restore to you anything else that are lacking ten fold. I pray you will both be comforted and feel the embrace of Our Loving Savior in every moment of your day and may The Lord bless you and keep you always.

      In Jesus Holy Name i humbly ask these things

      We may never meet this side of Heaven but you are heroes and I will share your bravery with everyone who’ll listen.
      Thank You for your example, Mr and Mrs McGreevy Thank you.

      1. Amen.

        I cannot state it more eloquently and elegantly, so exactly this.

        In Jesus’ Holy name, Amen.

  32. RDW-John- I miss being able to comment and message you, but I a proud that I lost my TW account when Trump did. I wear that like a badge of honor! I am still praying for you. Stay strong, well and safe my friend. In God’s light you will succeed in this mission. This is one hell of a war, and I truly believe Good will overcome evil! Light will overcome darkness and love of country will conquer the hatred. God Bless and protect you as you fight this ugly war.

  33. Hi John, I’ve been following many spiritual warriors across the world, since March 2020 and doing my bit to educate, suspecting, the having it confirmed. I only found you today, 26th June 2021, @ 6 pm as I walked the field with my dog on a beautiful evening. I walk to a spot in the middle of the field and listen to podcasts, while my dog runs around like a lunatic. I do it outside because as I look around at God’s Country, I know all will be well with people like you and all the others.

    Words fail me, at the depth of evil and depravity, but also at the depth of good and ethical people, so many people like you all working hard to save our lives with the truth. Thank you, blessings to your family and to you.

    You’re in my thoughts and prayers, thank you for what you’re doing. It’s priceless!

  34. Praying for you!

    On your interview StewPeters.tv, you mention that there are payments for blocks of votes. I believe I have discovered one such payment. In the election summer of 2016, there was the fake “zika” crisis. There was a little noticed story that the CDC sent 50 million dollars to Miami-Dade County for “Zika.” There was only one possibly fake hospitalized patient in a clinic in Miami. They sprayed for mosquitos for two weeks, and that does not cost 50 million.

    The SAME DAY as that CDC money story HRC came to Miami Beach for meetings with big shots, and made an appearance at the clinic. I believe the money was payment for the fake results the county reported in the 2016 presidential election. Miami-Dade reported over 70 percent turnout and over 70 percent for HRC. This was designed to flip Florida but wasn’t enough. The national turnout was a 20 year low at around 51%. There is no way a county as large as that can have such a wide difference, and in fact everyone reported that all the polls were slow except for Trump supporters. But there is a way that that money got paid to contractors for “Zika” but made its way to smartmatic and the other co conspirators.

  35. Hi Jon!

    Thank you is not enough, there aren’t even the proper words for the debt of gratitude owed to you and yours. You are encouraging all of us to be brave. May God bless and keep you all, angels around you keeping watch for protection! WWG1WGA

  36. Thank you Jon for being such a courageous hero for humanity. I have been following you for quite awhile. I know truth when I hear it. You speak the truth, the hard truth, the truth we all must hear. We don’t know until we know. Because of you, we know and May God bless you and I have been praying for you and will continue to do so.

  37. Thank you Jon. God Bless you

    Will continue praying for you.


    Ontario, Canada

  38. Dear Lord, thank you for courage to stand up and be heard! Thank you for discernment. Father please shield people like John and others who are offering their words for Your will. Amen

  39. Always praying for you brave, brave Patriot. You have helped so many of us by sharing your story and truths. May the Lord always shield you and your family from the harm of the evil one. 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤🇺🇲

  40. Hi Jon. I learned about you by accident. One day I was just scrolling, looking to connect with fellow Patriots. Your revelations have been stunning. You are a true Patriot and I can’t thank you enough for all you do. I am a concerned naturalized citizen of this country and I cannot stay silent anymore. Thank you Sir, from the bottom of my heart. Please always remember you are protected by the Armor of God. There are millions of us who pray for your safety every single day. Good will prevail over Evil. Truth over Lies. May God Bless you, Sir.

  41. Hi from London England, just want to say thank you and I hope all is well for you right now. I’ve only just found your site. I had seen a couple of them but I was great to refresh my memory. Thank you so much for all you are doing. Brexiters get what you are saying. I’m a thinker not a speaker, woman of few words. Be well and sending love from accross the pond 🙏🌟❤️

  42. Miss you and praying for you my lil 🐷 friend🥰

    Win Big..Vote Pig 🐷 🇺🇸 🙌🏻

  43. Hi Jon! Hope you are digging this website so far… Lots more to come! Brian, Lyndon and I wanted a landing place where folks can come to learn more about you, show their support, and help contribute to the important work you have done – and continue to do – for this movement. Tonight L.L. and I will be doing a podcast on my channel, talking about all kinds of fun stuff! Keeping you and your sweet wife in prayer always. And now, you will please to enjoy the poetry stylings of Allie4Truth…

    Roses are red
    Loveseats are lumpy
    He and S.S.
    Are now feeling quite jumpy!


    Love, Allie

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